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Interpreting in all modes and in many different settings: conferences, meetings, visits, trainings etc. 
Written translation of several types of texts within the broad business area and within the educational and social area.  
Languages of work: English and Portuguese.

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The speaker renders the message and I translate it orally and simultaneously.   It requires the use of specific equipment. However,  if simultaneous interpreting  is required for only 1 or 2 people, I can whisper to them what the speaker is saying – this is known as whispering and does not require the use of specific equipment.  

The speaker renders the message to be given while I take notes of what is said. Then the speaker takes a pause and I translate orally what was spoken, relying myself on the notes when needed.  Sometimes the speaker chooses to speak little before pausing and in this case it is common not to need taking notes, with me only using  my memory to catch and translate the message.

It works as a sort of language and/or cultural advisory. This is the best option to be retained when the client wants to communicate directly with the foreign person and asks me to stay nearby and provide support when needed.

Written translation from English into Portuguese and from Portuguese into English.

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