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Carolina Carvalho


I have a diploma in Translation and Interpreting from the São Paulo Alumni Association (Associação Alumni), and in Interpreting in English Language from the Catholic Pontifical University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). I also have a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Media from the Federal University of São Carlos, in the City of São Carlos, São Paulo State. I also have the CPE – the Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge, UK.


I currently  work as a self employed INTERPRETER AND TRANSLATOR. I provide services to both direct clients (i.e., those who contact me directly) and indirect clients (i.e., sent to me by interpreting and translation agencies).  

I work in simultaneous translation, consecutive translation and escort interpreting. I provide services  for  both companies and individuals, in many types of different settings – lectures, meetings, visits, trainings, etc. Ever since I began my work as an interpreter I have provided services to new events and experienced new situations, thus expanding my experience.

Some works I have done in these areas are:

- Consecutive translation  -  Mr. Amos Gitai, film director, and Mr. Damon Smith, film producer - The International Film Festival of São Paulo
- Simultaneous translation -  Mr. Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland  – University of São Paulo São Paulo.
- Simultaneous Translation   -   Brazil-India Symposium: Building Knowledge Networks -   University of São Paulo. 
- Consecutive Translation –  Some Fundamentals of US Immigration Law  -  The Brazilian Bar Association/ São Paulo Chapter  

Regarding written translation, I have been focusing in the business area since 2008.  Since this is a broad area, it has enabled me to translate several types of documents – offering memorandums, contracts, financial statements, reports, opinions, official letters, questionnaires from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade of Brazil, press articles, HR materials, etc – in a wide range of fields – capital and investment market, finance, business management, HR, foreign trade, international trade law, economics, etc.  
Beyond this corporate scope, I also translate in the field of education and society.

Although I have “gone solo”, I  previously worked as an internal translator in companies, which gave me  excellent opportunities of professional growth.

Among some of the clients I serve are universities, law firms, NGOs, events companies,  individuals and, as previously mentioned, translation and interpreting agencies.  

Some written translation clients are:

- Cebrap – Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning)
- BBCR – Bichara, Barata & Costa Advogados  (a law firm)
- UMBRASIL - the Marist Union of Brazil
SOS Children’s Villages Brazil

It is not uncommon for me to work with fellow translators and interpreters, when a situation demands so. Therefore, in a potential need for recruiting other interpreters and/or translators, I can provide my client with such support. I am in touch with translators and interpreters to work with them, or even to recommend them if I am not able to undertake an assignment.   

My goal with this all is to provide more efficient communication between the parties that need my services due to speaking different languages and being inserted in different cultures.  To have the message be conveyed in the most accurate and natural way possible. By doing so, the clients become satisfied and so do I for having fulfilled such goal.

For further information on my professional and educational background and/or to have access to my resume, feel free to contact me.

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